"Revenge is best served bloodied, m'dear. That, unfortunately, is how I have lived for centuries - striking my sword into flesh and bone."

Why, hello there! My name's Paloma, and this is an independent RP blog for my OC, Elliott Doyle and my muse, Sasuke Uchiha. (Because I just love those two, personally).

||Contains: NSFW threads, yaoi, yuri, anime + other stuffs||

||Multi-ship RP'ing blog||
||Will RP as either Elliott or Sasuke||

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Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a lovely day~! :D

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'm tired ~ I'll be on tomorrow morning ~ just letting you know I'm going home in the car tomorrow after like 1:30-ish for five hours OTL

So spam me with all your love in this Tumblr-ish hell

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Honestly, don’t be afraid to just show up in my inbox at random:

I may not be the kind of RPer that does all my drafts everyday, but I do often check my inbox/messages.

So if your muse misses mine, don’t be afraid to show up with a random text message or mini-para or sentence or question or whatever. I promise I won’t get mad at you.

This also goes for anyone who wants to interact with my muse. Just throw something random in my inbox. Even if I don’t answer it for some reason, I’ll probably message you back.